Auto-merge all order ebay/Amazon Tickets into one ticket

Imagine you have a procurement team and the orders are managed by Znuny, OTRS or OTOBO by receiving the order e-mails as tickets in the procurement queue. Lets take a very common online shop, Amazon or ebay. The typical way is:

  • your purchaser is buying an article, he/she may or may not have a internal order number
  • depending on the shop or your supplier, you get a order confirm as a sales or purchase order (a e-mail)
    At amazon or ebay you get a order confirmation, which is basically a sales order.
    So here you already are getting a new ticket. But without any relation to the person who did the order.
  • Typically you get an notification on arrival of the payment
    especially if you work with paypal or amazon like shops, you may have processed the payment on checkout already.
    And depending on the payment provider, you may receive even further e-mails and thus new tickets, which are not related to your purchaser and often not even really associated with the order itself
  • Notification e-mails, if something goes wrong like out of stock
    you get again additional e-mails, you know what? It is again unrelated to anything else and you have new tickets
  • finally somehow the shipment is getting processed
    and you again get some unrelated new ticket
  • your shipment provider is notifying you
    that he has taken the parcel and will deliver you. And imagine you get again multiple new tickets until the parcel arrives at your location
  • but we are not done, you often also get a e-mail with the delivery note attachment
  • and at least you get an e-mail with the invoice attachment
  • and if you send the package back, because of broken or wrong delivery
    you are producing even more tickets

Now imagine you have a team of agents, who do not know about all these steps. Sadly the common case if you have shift working teams. You have tons of tickets, which maybe merged wrongly and thus creating you a mess in the order or they are not even merged properly, making the return shipment an issue or if you have a warranty case in 12 months, not even providing all details to know if something special was agreed.

Is auto merging of a above named e-mails possible into one ticket?

Imagine you could have a solution for OTRS, Znuny or OTOBO to be able to process all the given e-mails into one or few but automatically linked tickets. Wouldn’t it solve already lots of your problems around purchasing goods?

We have developed a extension for the above named Ticket Systems to help you to organize your purchase team better.

To give you examples

  • merge all e-mails from a amazon or ebay order into one ticket
    this includes payment, shipment and return e-mails

Additionally you get following options

  • extract crucial details from the order like order number, article number, total amount
    to be able to automatically pass it to your used systems like CRM, ERP, Tax Accounting Software
  • automatically forward your invoices to your accounting team or even to your accounting sofware
  • automatically update your CRM/ERP software with the new order provider revenue statistics for a better reporting