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Disable quoting of E-Mails on composing replies in Znuny, OTRS, OTOBO

You have the issue, that your agents are not cleanly reading the full e-mail on reply and sensitive data is getting therefore send by your company to arbitrary persons?You want to ensure that only the message entered by the current agent is getting sent and that this agent has selectively choose what to send out?

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Configure list size in Dynamic Fields Management

In this article you will learn how to configure your OTRS, Znuny or OTOBO instance to define a list and page size for to view all Dynamic Fields. Read on to learn more Configure List Sizes or overview pages and list view pages Dynamic Fields Management On Dynamic Fields Management list view the defaults are

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Generic Agent vs Postmaster Filter in Znuny & OTRS

You get deeper into the automation of Znuny, OTRS or OTOBO and you will identify at a point in time that there are two options to automate your tasks. First you have to understand at what situation are the both features working. This is Postmaster FilterAs the name says it is a man or service,

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Znuny & OTRS REST API – Search for DynamicField Content

Learn in this article how to use REST API of OTRS & Znuny to search for Tickets with specific DynamicField_NameXY content. In the previous article Access Znuny & OTRS API via REST, we guide you thru the essential configuration steps of REST API in the role of the service provider. If you followed the steps

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Best practices for naming Transition Actions in Znuny, OTOBO, OTRS

In this article you will learn the best practices on naming conventions for Transition Actions on Process Management processes in Znuny, OTOBO and OTRS. Transition Action Name Here you define the name under which you will later find your transition actions. This is really helpful to you and your team mates to have a standard

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Send E-Mail in Process Management with Znuny & OTRS

This article explains how to send a e-mail in a Znuny / OTOBO Process Management process in a transition action. As a OTRS user on the versions <= 6.0 you can easily switch to Znuny, and you should! Read more about upgrading Upgrade/Migrate trouble-free from OTRS 5 to OTRS/Znuny 6This features are freely available in

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Upgrade/Migrate trouble-free from Znuny 6.3 to Znuny 6.4

In this article you will find tools and paths how to ensure a clean migration from Znuny 6.3 to Znuny 6.4 under Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04. How to get started? In the article Prepare / start a upgrade / migration of OTRS / Znuny all steps are explained.Read and execute them carefully to avoid data or

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Upgrade/Migrate trouble-free from Znuny 6.2 to Znuny 6.3

The original documentation to upgrade Znuny 6.2 to latest 6.3 is focused on many different Linux distributions. Here we focus on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and also with 22.04 LTS In this article you will find tools and paths how to ensure a clean migration from Znuny 6.2 to Znuny 6.3 under Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04.

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