Integrate Znuny/OTRS into your existing systems

Imagine you are getting lots tickets with details about processes or leads of new clients and so on. Now someone has to manually copy and paste the provided details over and over again. And you know what? The copy of the data is resulting in mistakes done by your agents? Lets assume following case where you get lead details:

  • you have a lead form which collect client contact details along with project or product related information
  • you need now to provide the client details to a CRM/ERP, but also the project or product related data to your sales and to your solutions team
  • Each team requires the data but in different ways. The sales team is interested in closing the deal fast, where your solutions team is looking for a way to solve the requirements of the client and to handover the solution to your sales team. The sales team work typically in a CRM/ERP system, where your solutions team typically have some industry branch specific software to help them. E.g. in the IT business it is usually a Issue tracker like Redmine or Jira.
  • Now you want to update either automatically or half automatically the CRM with the new lead. Ideally the client and the clients organization is also automatically added to your CRM/ERP system, by using the provided data from the ticket
  • Also you want to automatically update the branch specific software (e.g. Issue Tracker) for your solutions team automatically or half-automatically
  • And last, you want to have the all interlinked. Means from the ticket you want to see a link to the CRM/ERP and to the Issue Tracker and vice versa.
  • And you also want to have interlinking between CRM/ERP and your branch specific software and vice versa
  • Imagine how realistic this data entry will be if a human being has to ensure this?

Now think about what you could do even more?

  • you could add some default processing times
  • you could define some escalation times, if the proposal is not delivered to the client in a define time
  • you want to have a default task creation on CRM/ERP and on your branch specific software, depending on the lead request you got?

You see you could use OTRS/Znuny or OTOBO ticket system as a trigger for starting well defined business processes.

Is above named integration possible?

Yes it is, but sadly not out of the box from the named ticket systems itself. We have implemented such an integration to make the world easier for all team in a company. Starting from the agents over the sales teams over the solution teams and finally over the support teams.

For this we have following solutions:

  • computer based ticket content detection
  • integration solutions for automatic integration into your existing business software like CRM/ERP, Issue Trackers and other project management tools

What integration solutions are available already for OTRS, Znuny and OTOBO?

  • Salesforce
  • pipedrive
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • vtiger
  • sugarCRM
  • odoo

We have available in our group of companies solutions for all named CRM systems. Send us a request to forward you to the right business partner.

In addition to the CRM systems, you may require some business specific software solutions to integrate with OTRS, Znuny or OTOBO. Here we provide solutions for:

  • Jira
  • Redmine
  • Trello
  • Asana

We have even more solutions to provide for more specific software solutions for the industry branches:

  • Law / Lawyer
    e.g. converting leads into client files
  • Tax Accountants
    e.g. providing audited bills from procurement team to your accounting software
  • Realtors
    e.g. registering your interested tenant or buyer candidates into your internal system for later invoicing. Or providing a well looking property expose to your property prospects.
  • Call centers
    e.g. to register the phone calls into tickets, to ensure your clients are getting the details and queries about the details are assigned always to the right call center agent.
  • Self storage centers
    e.g. you get lots of queries from new tenants, but you are already full. So you cannot rent out now, but you want to have an automatically provided notice to the prospects, that you are right now full. But you can provide them soon a self storage box. And now you are also able to message all prospects who have registered for a specific box size after you are getting a free box?

We have even more solutions for your individual business areas:

  • Human Resources
    providing application data automatically to your HR-Management software and auto triggering candidate auditing in your team
  • Invoicing
    Integration of outgoing invoices from your invoicing software to pass to your clients via a ticket system and so to have always an automatically provided reference from ticket, to invoice to invoicing system and vice versa

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